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High performance Mustang longtube or shorty headers will give your Mustang major gains in power and a louder, more authorative exhaust note. Nothing beats the power and the looks of a finely crafted set of high performance exhaust headers on your Mustang or Shelby. If you're serious about getting the maximum performance out of your ride, headers are a must have item!

As with all other exhaust components, we carry only the best fitting, highest quality shorty and longtube headers on the market. Headers from Kooks, Stainless Works, Bassani, and American Racing Headers just to name a few. Choose a sub category above to shop for yours today!

Mustang Headers FAQs
What are the benefits of upgrading the headers on a Mustang?
The main benefit of upgrading the headers is gaining power. A set of longtube headers and matching mid-pipe can realistically increase power output by around 25-30 horsepower. And if you have a supercharger on your Mustang, you can expect even larger power gains. Shorty headers provide a smaller bang for the buck (usually around 8-10 hp), but they have the advantage of costing much less than a longtube header setup and they allow you to use your existing mid-pipe.

What are the differences between Mustang shorty and longtube headers?
Shorty headers are direct replacements of the stock exhaust manifolds so they are designed be used with a stock-style mid-pipe. While shorty headers typically provide modest horsepower gains, they are relatively inexpensive and a growing number of them are 50-state emissions legal which is a major plus for many Mustang owners. Longtube headers, on the other hand, must be used with a short mid-pipe specifically designed for those headers, making them much more expensive than shorty headers. Longtubes offer major power gains but they are not emissions legal since the the stock converters must be removed.

What are the different surface finishes used on Mustang headers?
  • Ceramic Coating: This type of coating acts as a thermal barrier and keeps the heat of the exhaust inside the headers. This greatly aids performance by keeping exhaust velocities high and underhood temperatures low. Ceramic coatings normally have a silver metallic color, but are available in a variety of colors. Ceramic finishes have the benefit of keeping their original finish year after year.
  • Chrome Plating: Chrome plating is used to improve the appearance of headers, but with time it will turn a bluish color due to the intense heat that headers are subjected to. Chrome plating does not have any insulating properties like a ceramic coating.
  • High Temperature Paint: Specially formulated paint that can withstand high temperatures and is used to improve the appearance of headers. This paint does not function as a thermal barrier like ceramic finishes and with time can wear off like any other paint.
  • Bare Stainless Steel: This material has natural heat insulation properties so even in its uncoated state, it makes an excellent material for headers.
Are Mustang headers emissions legal?
A growing number of shorty headers are receiving 50-state emissions certification, but not all of them are so please check with the manufacturer for the most up to date information. Longtube headers and their matching short mid-pipes, by the nature of their design, remove the stock converters so they are not emissions legal.